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VR Games

In this day and age VR is by far the most elite and advanced  new way of gaming and we are proud to share it with you. Our stores give you the chance to experience games in an entirely new and engaging way. Not only will you have many realities to choose from but you can customize many of the ones that we offer. You will have the chance to make and change the world to the way you want it to be using VR.

Out of all of the realities we offer Job Simulator has proven to be the most popular. It is a game where you are able to choose between 4 different jobs: Office Worker, Mechanic, Gourmet Chef, and Store Clerk. Each job has tasks and to do them is your choice. You can choose to be the best worker the world has ever seen, or you can choose to sit around and do what you'd like... even if that means throwing paper airplanes and making bacon smoothies. Even though the game provides tasks it is not dependent on them being completed for you to have a good time.


Following in popularity is Arizona Sunshine, a first person zombie shooter. In this game you are able to choose from Campaign and Horde Mode both available with multiplayer. During Campaign you get to explore a nature trail that might not be as relaxing as it sounds. As you travel you will encounter not only our flesh eating friends but also challenges that require you to problem solve and think fast before you are eaten. Horde Mode is just as intense as you and friends will be circled with only one way out. While under a canvas tent a maximum of four people will take on waves of zombies, some walking others running with protective gear. There is only one way out... become the last to stand.

Arizona Sunshine Landscape.jpg

By far the best introduction to VR yet, a game where there are no buttons only swords. Fruit Ninja VR was made after the popular phone game was taking the world by storm. Now this amazing game comes to life with VR and is perfect for young kids and new gamers. Similar to the app version Fruit Ninja VR presents you with 4 different ways to play ; Classic, Survival, Zen, and Arcade. All modes can be played by any level of gamer as long as they have the speed, hand-eye coordination, and timing to slice all the fruits.

Fruit Ninja.jpg

SUPERHOT VR, an action packed first person shooter where you control time. In this matrix style simulation you will be dodging bullets, punches and weapons. Throughout gameplay you have either a variety of weapons to defend from enemies or only your fists. Attack with caution as each villain will be watching your every mistake. In order to slow your red counterparts you must stop moving, time and speed only resumes as you provide them with actions. Similar to a game of chess plan your attacks and think ahead.

SuperHot VR Landscape.png

We are very happy to provide you with all of the games shown above and many more popular titles. If at any time you would like to know the others we have simply ask an associate at our store or contact us through phone or email.

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